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earth-friendly engagement rings & custom jewelry

Unique, organic fine-jewelry in recycled gold and ethical gemstones made in the PNW.

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Nature Lovers welcome

We're jewelry lovers, but we were nature lovers first. Browse our selection of nature-inspired jewelry, honoring the natural beauty of our home planet.

Our precious metals are post-consumer recycled and we offer antique post-consumer diamonds.

about our sapphires

As unique as nature herself, our sapphires are hand-selected from all around the world. Each stone rivals the last in terms of individuality, rarity, and beauty. It is our goal to consciously craft jewelry that stands out from major retailers and gift you with a one-of-a-kind ring to be forever cherished.

Woven into every ring is a story; whether you want to embed the deep emerald green of your favorite hiking spot or capture the vibrant blue waters of your engagement location, our sapphires provide the perfect canvas to tell your story. Imbibed with your memories, our rings become living masterpieces.

Bring your vision to life and learn more about how to build your #dreamring with our eco-friendly sapphires.



Montana—our country’s Treasure State—is the only location in the United States where sapphires can be found. These rare beauties span the color of the rainbow and make stunning centerpieces for an engagement ring or for your #dreamring. Whatever reason brings you to Anueva, we invite you to shop nature’s closet and learn more about locally-sourced Montana Sapphires. 



From mine to market, Anueva Jewelry values the unique journey our diamonds travel to make their way to us — to you. We take great pride in sourcing Canadian diamonds ethically to ensure you feel good about your purchase. Learn more about our effort to reduce environmental impacts through our partnership with like-minded companies.

Meet Our Founder

Woman-owned business

Anueva Jewelry was formed by Jennifer Vinje in 2014. “Nueva” means "new" in Spanish; from this word, the name Anueva was born. Anueva perfectly exemplifies our process of making the old — new

Jennifer proudly remains the owner, and still hand-carves every piece herself. Through a labor of love, she has created a safe haven for the confluence of nature and jewelry lovers. After nearly a decade, she has successfully grown her small business, and now manages a team of seven incredible women. 

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woman owned business owner Jennifer of Anueva Jewelry

Planting trees for every purchase

Trees are the lungs of the earth. They purify the air we breathe and play a vital role in our water cycle. For every purchase, Anueva Jewelry makes a planted tree donation to Plant-it 2020 to plant trees in no-logging zones. Visit the link below to learn more about Plant-it 2020's efforts to help fight climate change and to make your own donation. Make an individual tree planting donation.

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