multiple sapphire in recycled gold rings by anueva jewelry

The sourcing of our stones is very important to us and to our customers. We work closely with suppliers to make sure that the stones we purchase for your projects are conflict-free and that the mining operations directly benefit the community members. We also love working with suppliers who care about preserving the environment. Many operations are small-scale, using rainwater to clean stones or re-depositing soil and seed when a mine has closed.


Most of our sapphire requests are for green, blue or blue-green sapphires. We find these from locations all around the world, including:

  • Montana, USA 
  • Nigeria 
  • Australia
  • Sri Lanka
  • Tanzania 
  • Madagascar

Most importantly, we aim to provide sapphire options that are unique and not something you'd find every day in a traditional department store! Cut and color make all the difference. Our gemstone cutters are masters at their craft, and often fashion stones for us with unusual facet patterns, from antique-inspired to new modern cuts. All of our Montana sapphires are cut in the US as well as some of the other stones from other origins. 

loose sapphire stones

If you have a request for a specific origin, please let us know when we are in the stone sourcing phase of your project.