Anueva Jewelry's Limited Edition Green Gold

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Just like many of you, we're inspired by the Evergreen trees that surround us in the Pacific Northwest. To echo our love of nature within our beloved jewelry designs, we are thrilled to release a one-of-a-kind collection of rings and ring options featuring green gold.

What is green gold?

This is a classic blend of pure yellow gold, pure silver and zinc that creates a unique alloy. Zinc is a silver-white metal with a blue tinge, so when mixed with the yellow gold, we get this gorgeous green hue. In the realm of jewelry making, this combination has a long-standing tradition. While harder metals like nickel or zinc are sometimes introduced for ring durability, the subtle alchemy of 14K green gold lies in its balanced composition of pure yellow gold entwined with pure silver and zinc.

green gold composition

What does it look like?

The soft hint of green in the alloy is understated, often escaping notice from the casual observer. Yet, whether it's a quiet presence or a bolder statement, the allure of the green hue draws in jewelry and nature lovers alike. 

two green gold rings

Did you know?

In 860 BC, ancient Egyptians, Accadians, and Persians were already rocking what we now call "green gold." They called it electrum, a cool mix of silver and gold.

green gold rings by anueva jewelry

Join us on a journey to explore the artistry behind this nature-inspired combination that has stood the test of time. Shop the collection.

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