Seattle-made unique, sophisticated fine jewelry in recycled gold and gemstones. For every purchase, a tree is planted through Plant-It 2020.

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Anueva Jewelry was formed by Jennifer Vinje in 2014. In the Spanish language, “nueva” means "new." She created the name Anueva (pronounced ah-new-ay-vuh) to express her ultimate goal of making-new from old; From recycled gold, platinum, and repurposed antique diamonds to new designs inspired by nature and antique trends, we are thrilled to offer old glam made new. 

To Jennifer, the unique qualities of a fresh design, nature-inspired texture, and natural stones are what make a piece of jewelry beautiful. She loves creating pieces that are hand carved and one-of-a-kind, and also loves bringing back elements in antique jewelry and turning them into modern revivals.

Time and love are poured into every piece, not just in the design but in the sourcing of our materials as well. It is our goal to balance our love for jewelry with our commitment to the humans who mine for our stones and the conservation of the planet's natural resources.

  • The gold, silver and platinum casting grain used in our pieces is certified 100% recycled content. We purchase the metals from refineries that make old metal strong and clean enough to use again. 
  • We love to use vintage and antique gemstones. Our relationships with antique and vintage diamond and gemstone suppliers allows us to provide several stone options to our customers when they are looking for a custom piece with little environmental impact. These stones were mined long ago, set in jewelry, removed and re-polished for use again. 
  • The new sapphires and diamonds we love the most are those that are mined in an artisanal fashion; Small, local community members in the gemstone regions mine for gems in the "off season" when they are not farming. Many of these small scale operations also prefer to let their rough findings sit in the way of natural riverbeds and streams until the rains come and help them wash and sort through the material. Small, slow, steady sourcing.

We're grateful to this Internet era for its ability to let us reach customers all over the world. There's no greater compliment than the trust you instill in us to create a unique piece of jewelry for you and your family. 

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You’re welcome to browse the current listings in our shop to see if anything calls to you! If you have a question about custom work, feel free to send us a message through one of the contact forms on our page.

To shop rings and visit us in-person, please visit our Studio Visit page where we post our monthly try-on events! We would to have you attend one of our try-on days!

Happy browsing!

~The Anueva Team


founder & Designer


“I wanted to create a shop where the theme is making new from old. From recycled gold, platinum, and repurposed antique diamonds to new designs inspired by nature and antique trends, we want to offer old glam made new.”

Director of Marketing & technology


Audrey keeps our website and marketing department running smoothly, constantly looking for ways to enhance the customer experience!

fine jewelry sales specialist


Cassidi currently has her AJP certification from GIA and is currently working towards more certifications specifically for colored stones and diamonds. Questions about building your dream ring? Ask Cassidi!

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