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Stone Sourcing Trip in Los Angeles: April 27 & 28

Have you been on the lookout for the perfect stone to create the ring of your dreams? We'd love to help! Add you name to the Sourcing List below and Jennifer, the owner of Anueva Jewelry herself, will go on a scouting trip to locate your dream stone!

Time is of the essence when it comes to stone sourcing. Jennifer is headed to Los Angeles on April 27th and 28th to meet with vendors and suppliers from all over the world to scope out high-quality, large, rare, or unique stones. Now is the time to register.

There is no vision too small! We're here to help you, so no minimum purchase amount is required. Here's what we're keeping our eyes for:

  • lab-grown diamonds
  • lab-grown gemstones
  • natural diamonds
  • fancy-colored diamonds
  • unique stone colors
  • stone from specific origins
  • rare cut stones
  • less common precious stones
  • ...anything you want