1.77ct Round Parti Ceylon Sapphire in 14k Yellow Gold French Set Diamond Solitaire

Neo-Traditional Parti Sapphire/Watercolor Sapphire Ring

We've combined a traditional dainty diamond-set solitaire setting with one of our most unique round sapphires in stock. We love contrast, and love how the earthy, swirly, multi-hued nuances of this 1.77ct sapphire play against a line of contrasting sparkling white conflict free diamonds.

You can view a video of this ring here.

And another video here.

The rounded band of this ring measures about 1.8mm wide and is fully rounded for comfort. 

Sapphire Details:

1.77CT ROUND CEYLON SAPPHIRE, PARTI GREEN BLUE, GREAT CLARITY 7.23X4.53MM. This stone is minty and light seafoam blue-green. So gorgeous and with a unique darker blue stripe down the side. The body color of this sapphire will change a bit depending on the light source. Sometimes more blue and sometimes more green, darker indoors. It is not totally round (hand cut), so you an see a slight variation in the prong placement through photos here. May be unheated- it was purchased from a retired gem cutter's stock.

The ring is currently a size 7.5 and is resizable at no charge. Once resized, however, it is non refundable. Please allow an additional 1-2 weeks for resizing. Continue to order and email us after purchase if you would like this ring to be resized.

Please include an address at checkout where someone will be available to sign for the package via FedEx or UPS Express. If being sent to a business location, please provide the business name. International buyers are liable for paying customs/taxes/duties.

If you would like to have the ring appraised, there is a $150 appraisal fee that we can invoice you in a separate listing. Jennifer will take the ring downtown to be appraised by a third party GIA gemologist appraiser and provide details for your insurance purposes. You can purchase that appraisal here.

Making a Difference:

Help fight climate change with this purchase! Trees are like the lungs of the planet...our "natural air purifiers." They breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. Additionally, they provide habitat for birds and other wildlife and play a vital role in our natural water cycle. Forests help regulate the water in the air through a process called transpiration. They absorb thousands of gallons of water into their roots. Excess water is then released through the leaves back into the air. For every purchase made, I donate one planted tree through Plant-It 2020. Small changes by individuals can make a difference in the fight against climate change.