0.74ct Rosecut Teal Green Sapphire in 6 Prong 18k Yellow Gold Low Profile Evergreen Setting

Antique-Inspired Deep Green Rosecut Sapphire Ring

For our antique jewelry lovers and lovers of low profile rings, we have created some limited edition rosecut sapphire rings. This ring is cast in 18k yellow gold and is satin/matte finish but can be polished by request.

Secured in our super low profile 6-prong Evergreen setting, the center stone is a teep blue-green sapphire with great clarity. The sapphire is naturally earth-mined and lightly heated for color and clarity. It is very transparent as far as sapphires go, and cut by hand in a rosecut design to mimic antique rosecut diamonds. 

This sapphire measures 7.3mm with the setting width included. The stone is ethically sourced, mined in Madagascar and weighs 0.74ct.

The band is about 1.6mm in width. Skinny but sturdy! You will only find this ring here- It is our signature carved Evergreen style.

This ring is currently a size 6.5 and is resizable with limitations. Please note, this item is non-refundable after it has been resized. Please allow 1-2 weeks for resizing. Continue to purchase and then email us after purchase to let us know which size you would like.

Please include an address at checkout where someone will be available to sign for the package via FedEx or UPS Express. If being sent to a business location, please provide the business name. International buyers are liable for paying customs/taxes/duties.

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Making a Difference:

Help fight climate change with this purchase! Trees are like the lungs of the planet...our "natural air purifiers." They breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. Additionally, they provide habitat for birds and other wildlife and play a vital role in our natural water cycle. Forests help regulate the water in the air through a process called transpiration. They absorb thousands of gallons of water into their roots. Excess water is then released through the leaves back into the air. For every purchase made, I donate one planted tree through Plant-It 2020. Small changes by individuals can make a difference in the fight against climate change. You will be reminded of your efforts each time you look down at your beautiful ring.