0.80ct Round Moissanite

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0.80ct, 6mm Round Moissanite - in colorless and near colorless options

Moissanite is a popular diamond-like alternative, with differences. 

A century ago, Nobel Prize winner Dr. Henri Moissan discovered minute quantities of a new mineral in an ancient meteorite in Arizona. At its essence was the potential for an absolutely shimmering brilliance, fire, luster, and incredible hardness. Unfortunately, the supply of natural moissanite wasn't large enough even to create a pair of earrings. It was only after years of research that a breakthrough discovery enabled the limited production & distribution of moissanite "a new diamond simulate" by Charles & Colvard, with crystals large enough to produce an uncommon combination of science and art.

Properly cut by master cutters, moissanite can have more fire, brilliance and luster at a fraction of the cost of diamond. Our moissanite rings are created with Charles & Colvard’s Forever One
 branded moissanite stones. Each ring includes a certificate of authenticity and  Charles & Colvard® Limited Warranty.