You are the Salt to my Pepper- What Are Salt and Pepper Diamonds?

When looking into a diamond, it's like looking into another world. We get lost in their depth and sparkle.

No diamonds are as other worldly and mysterious as "salt and pepper diamonds." They have unique, natural patterns of visible inclusions that look like star-studded galaxies. This is why we love them!

So how are these patterns of inclusions formed? What makes the "pepper" in our salt and pepper diamonds, and how do they hold up over time? Let's dive into some facts about salt and pepper diamonds. 

Like all diamonds, salt and pepper diamonds are crystalized carbon structures which are formed under extreme heat and pressure approximately 100 miles under the earth for millions of years. When a diamond has visible inclusions, not all parts of the carbon were evenly exposed to the intense heat and pressure needed to join into the crystalized structure. Even though the structure was not exposed evenly, the diamond continues to grow around the natural carbon, trapping those carbon specs inside the diamond crystal structure and giving us the lovely and mysterious salt and pepper diamonds we use in our jewelry today! 

Anueva Jewelry Salt and Pepper Diamonds

The carbon patterns in salt and pepper diamonds can vary uniquely so much from stone to stone and that is why we love using them in engagement rings. No two are alike! They can be light grey- almost white and glowy/hazy, creating a dreamy effect, to dark, almost black and dramatically sparkling in contrast. There is something for everyone in a salt and pepper diamond.  

So how do they hold up to everyday wear? While the internal black carbon spots in your diamond are natural inclusions, they do not pose structural issues to your diamond and do not affect their durability. Some other natural inclusions can, like feathers or cavities, depending on their placement in your diamond. Contact us if you have specific questions about inclusions and their placement within a stone. Like traditional "eye-clean" diamonds, you can comfortably wear your salt and pepper diamond daily. 

Anueva Jewelry salt and pepper diamond rings

No matter the stone you select, we still recommend removing your jewelry during any strenuous activity with your hands, and even during bathing or swimming, or doing housework. You can review our Jewelry Care Guide here.

Want to see some salt and pepper diamonds? Check out our selection here. Have any questions? Contact us! We would love to chat!

Anueva Jewelry Salt and Pepper Diamonds