Why Shop Ethically Sourced Canadian Diamonds

Why Shop Ethically Sourced Canadian Diamonds

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Shopping ethically goes beyond packing your reusable grocery bags when you make a trip to the store. As consumers, the choices we make daily have the ability to impact thousands of lives beyond our own. Here at Anueva Jewelry, we make a conscious and deliberate effort to ensure purchasing our jewelry is a choice you feel good about. 


A Brief History of Diamonds

The diamond industry has a long-rooted history that dates back to the 14th century. First worn solely by the aristocracy, their use became more ubiquitous by the 18th century as their abundance grew. Following the discovery of South African diamond mines in the 1870s, the desire increased tenfold. The longing for opulence was further compounded by the rise of the Gilded Age in the United States during the same era. With popularity and availability on the rise, diamond production steadily grew. 

By the 19th and 20th centuries, diamonds were a staple of modern, attainable luxury. However, this increased demand led to a series of unethical mining practices. With such steep financial gain at stake, mining diamonds led to violent conflict, notably in South Africa. In an effort to halt human rights violations that spurred from these conflicts, the Kimberly Process was introduced in 2003 to eradicate conflict diamonds.


The Quest for Ethical Diamonds

Knowing where your diamonds are sourced is crucial to supporting ethical companies. Anueva Jewelry understands that making countless decisions can be daunting. To ease the burden, we obsess over every detail so you don’t have to. We pride ourselves on hand-picking every stone that hits our store. When purchasing diamonds, we are excessively selective to ensure that every stone acquired from the Misfit Canadian Diamond collection is ethically sourced and traceable from start to finish. 


Anueva Jewelry X Misfit Diamonds Collaboration

Guided by our ethos, we are honored to partner with like-minded companies whose principles mirror our own. Anueva Jewelry is proud to announce our collaboration with Misfit Diamonds. To shop our fresh collection of Canadian Diamonds, sourced from the Gahcho Kué mine, visit our page here

Misfit Diamonds strives to reduce its environmental impact while working closely with the region’s indigenous people to help protect their land while providing economic opportunities. Every Canadian diamond extracted from the Gahcho Kué mine is scrupulously tracked. 


Diamonds You Can Feel Good About

From mine to market, Anueva Jewelry values the unique journey our diamonds travel to make their way to us — to you. Choosing ethically sourced diamonds ensures your money is helping, rather than harming, those who mine and sell them. In a world full of decisions, make one you feel good about. Choose Anueva Jewelry. 

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Round Rosecut Diamond

Round Rosecut Diamond

1.20ct 7.56x7.49x2.28mm

This Round Rosecut Diamond exudes classic beauty. We love it for its clarity and shape. Customize her into the ring of your dreams!

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Pear Rosecut Diamond

Pear Rosecut Diamond

0.42ct 8.27x4.95x1.23mm

A nature-lover's favorite: an elegant pear-shaped diamond. We love it for its organic shape and versatility. Combine it with any setting or add clusters for a sprinkle of color. Whatever you do with her, she'll be perfect! 

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Hexagon Step Cut Diamond


Hexagon Step Cut

1.01ct 9.26x4.41x2.80mm 

Mermaid and mountaineers are never ones to follow the crowd. That's why we love this unique Hexagon-shaped Diamond. It's rich champagne color breaks from the norm and we're here for it. What will you do with her?

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