What are the Most Popular Stone Shapes? Plus: Suggested Ring Setting Ideas

most popular stone shapes

The data is in! Radiant and emerald cut, round, geometric and oval gemstones are our customers' favorite stone shapes. We love them all for their unique character and ability to fit with all our ring settings. However, we are often asked what ring settings would work best with each stone? So let's break down some of our current favorite stones and ring setting pairings below!

Radiant & Emerald Cut Stones

radiant and emerald cut stones

1.17ct Emerald Cut Sapphire with Trillion Side Diamond - Setting

3.88ct Radiant Cut Sapphire with Three Stone Ring with Trapezoid Side Stones 

1.07ct Emerald Cut Sapphire with Lotus Six Prong Solitaire, Stackable - Setting


Oval Stones

oval shapes plus ring settings

1.33ct Oval Madagascar Sapphire with Diamond Side Stone - Setting

1.06ct Oval Madagascar Sapphire with Low Profile Bezel with French Set Diamond Band - Setting

2.54ct Oval Sri Lankan Sapphire with Scallop Cup Solitaire - Setting


Round Stones

Round Stones plus ring setting suggestions

1.52ct Round Madagascar Sapphire with Asymmetrical Diamond Cluster - Setting

6.01ct Round Madagascar Sapphire with 4 Prong Solitaire with French Set Diamond Band, Stackable - Setting

1.86ct Round Nigerian Sapphire with Evergreen 4-Prong Solitaire Stackable - Setting


Geometric Stones Geometric stones with ring setting suggestions

2.82ct Shield Cut Madagascar Sapphire with Split Shank Low Profile Halo with French Set Diamonds - Setting

1.98ct Hexagon Madagascar Sapphire with Split Shank Six Prong Solitaire Setting

0.70ct Elongated Hexagon Madagascar Sapphire with Contemporary Bezel, Stackable - Setting


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