Trendspotting: Top Summer Picks for Nature Lovers

June 21st marked the first official day of summer for those of us here in the Northern Hemisphere. As sunshine blankets the Pacific Northwest, our adventure-seeking hearts welcome the longer days brought on by summer with open arms. Temperatures rise along with our desire to explore. Much like our admiration for the outdoors, our jewelry echoes this sentiment. From the sun-kissed mountainsides to the glistening waters of the PNW, the world is ripe with adventure for our souls and inspiration for our jewelry. Come chase the sunshine with us and capture those golden rays in organic, fine jewelry that reflects the natural world we all cherish.

Join us and explore our top picks for nature lovers this 2023 summer season! 

Summer Sunset

On more than one occasion, a summer sunset has stopped us in our tracks, leaving us to wonder how such beauty exists. Many of our precious gemstones evoke the same thoughts. Our summer sunset jewelry is inspired by the sun — retreating for the day and leaving the sky ablaze in a swirl of glowing pinks, purples, and oranges. Our jewelry bottles up the ethereal magic of the sun, each piece a stunning, wearable keepsake. If you yearn for a year-long reminder of summer evenings, shop top eco-friendly, summer sunset jewelry picks:

Ready-to-Ship Ring Summer Sunset 1.41ct Ruby & 0.25ct Antique Old European-Cut Diamond Ring in 18K Yellow Gold 2.24ct Oval Purple Madagascar Sapphire Lotus 6-Prong Solitaire w/ Diamonds in 18K Rose Gold 3.52ct Radiant Cut Peach Sapphire 6-Prong Split Shank Ring in 14K Yellow Gold
Loose Stones Summer Sunset 2.35ct Oval Precision-Cut Montana Sapphire, Bicolor Parti Orange/Yellow & Champagne 1.09ct Geo Triangle Spinel, Vibrant Raspberry Pink 1.87ct Oval Oregon Sunstone, Soft Peach Cream

Summer Stargazing

Under the canvas of a warm summer night, a cherished pastime comes to mind: stargazing. There’s nothing more celestial than basking under the summer night sky, staring up at the twinkling stars. These little cosmic treasures scattered across the dark expanse remind us of none other than salt and pepper diamonds. As if plucked right out of the sky, these speckled beauties are mini galaxies — black and white cosmos — waiting and ready to be adorned by you. To capture the nighttime sky, shop top eco-friendly, summer stargazing jewelry picks:

Ready-to-Ship Ring Summer Stargazing 1.75ct Round Salt & Pepper Diamond Hidden Halo Evergreen Solitaire Ring in 14K Yellow Gold 1.56ct Round Salt & Pepper Diamond Ring with Diamond Trillion Sidestones in Platinum 1.13ct Salt & Pepper and White Diamond Hexagon Halo Ring in 14K Yellow Gold
Loose Stones Summer Stargazing 2.16ct Round Brilliant Salt & Pepper Diamond, Dark and Moody Grey with Silver Sparkle 1.78ct Rosecut Fat Pear Salt & Pepper Diamond, Clear with Earthy Inclusions 1.51ct Round Brilliant Salt and Pepper Diamond, White Silvery Golw

Mermaid Jewelry

To all our fellow mermaids, this is our season to shine! We’ve patiently been waiting for the sun to warm the waters and we are ready to dive in. The mesmerizing blues and teals of the ocean call to us! Like a gentle sea current, curls of iridescent colors collide to create some of our favorite gemstones: swirling opals and vibrant teal and ocean-blue sapphires. Our vintage-inspired jewelry featuring our coveted scallop cup setting, pearl bands, and mermaid-colored stones are designed to embody your free spirit! Unleash your inner mermaid when you shop top eco-friendly picks for mermaids:

ready-to-Ship Rings Summer Mermaid Mermaid Bubbles Pearl Ring 1.52ct Oval Champagne Diamond Scallop Cup Solitaire with French-Set Diamonds in 18K Rose Gold 1.95ct Teal Montana Sapphire with Bezel Set Diamond Halo in 14K Rose Gold
Loose Stone Summer Mermaid 1.09ct Hexagon Madagascar Sapphire, Silky Green Teal
1.68ct Round Madagascar Sapphire, Deep Ocean Blue, Untreated
1.30ct Oval Gombe Nigerian Sapphire, Silky Opalescent Teal, Untreated

Mountaineer Jewelry

A true mountaineer seeks adventure during every season, but there’s no doubt that we’re excited about the arrival of summer. Opt outdoors with us and embrace your passion for adventure through our timeless collection of jewelry, built to reflect your love for exploration. Our hand-crafted pieces encompass the resilience and strength of those who brave the peaks. Whether you're scaling breathtaking cliffs or traversing the alpine trails, let our jewelry be a symbol of your love for the outdoors and a celebration of the landscapes you’ve traveled. Continue to explore when you shop top eco-friendly picks for mountaineers:

Ready-to-Ship Summer Mountaineer 2.35ct Australian Sapphire & Montana Sapphire 3-Stone Ring in 14K Yellow Gold & Platinum Hills and Valleys Pointed Ring Jacket in Solid, Recycled 14K Gold 1.24ct Geo Slice Teal Green Sapphire Evergreen Bezel Ring in 14K Yellow Gold
Loose Stone Summer Mountaineer 1.86ct Oval Madagascar Sapphire, Silky Light Teal, Green 1.01ct Round Madagascar Sapphire, Bi-Color Yellow and Blue 1.16ct Baguette Cut Nigerian Sapphire, Forest Green, Untreated

Adventure On With Anueva Jewelry This Summer

Our ever-growing collection of organic, fine jewelry is crafted to capture the essence of the season. Embrace summer with us in the water, on the mountains, or wherever your excursions take you. Explore jewelry that sparkles like the summer sun and continue to #AdventureOn.