Trendspotting: Top Spring Picks for Nature Lovers

Spring is right around the corner, and as much as we love the snow, our nature-loving heart is eager to once again witness the magic that is the Pacific Northwest (PNW) in full bloom. Anueva Jewelry was born out of mutual love for both organic, fine jewelry and mother nature herself. By forging the perfect union between our two passions, we are happy to create jewelry that encapsulates elements of the living world around us. 

If you share the same appreciation for nature as we do, finding unique jewelry that reflects our commitment to protecting the environment can sometimes be a challenge. Fortunately, Anueva Jewelry has created an ever-growing, eco-friendly collection of fine jewelry for mermaids and mountaineers alike. We love to explore the PNW and draw our creative inspiration from our surroundings. As springtime approaches, we’re overcome with a sense of renewal.

Join us and explore our top picks for nature lovers this 2023 spring season! 

Pick Number One: Mountaineer Jewelry

Express your love for the outdoors with some of our most classic pieces. These items are perfect for those who want their jewelry to reflect their love for adventure. From bright spring green loose stones to ready-to-ship deep emerald green rings, Anueva Jewelry cherishes all things green. Shop top eco-friendly picks for mountaineers:

mountaineer ready-to-ship rings Five-Stone Sapphire Band in 14K Yellow Gold (Option G) 1.44ct Montana Sapphire Evergreen Solitaire in 18K Rose Gold 2.37ct Oval Sapphire, Chunky Bezel in 18K Yellow Gold
Spring Picks: Mountaineer Loose Stones 4.40ct Fancy Round African Sapphire, Deep Green 1.71ct Australian Oval Sapphire, Mossy Green 2.89 Round Tanzania Color-Shifting Sapphire (Teal to Olive)

Pick Number Two: Mermaid Jewelry

Manifest the deep blue waters as the icy caps begin to melt. Any self-identified mermaid or beach babe knows the love we feel for the dreamy hues of the ocean — sharp teals, bold indigos, rich sky blue, bright aqua, and anything in between. Bottle up these colors and embed them in a mermaid lover’s dream ring. From our new scallop-cup setting to our vast range of blue and teal stones, wearing an ocean-themed ring is the perfect way to bring a little bit of your favorite place with you wherever you go! Shop top eco-friendly picks for mermaids:

ready to ship rings for mermaids 2.02ct Pear Madagascar Sapphire and Scalloped Antique Style Halo Ring img src="" alt="Bezel-set Rosecut Opal Ring in 14K Yellow Gold (Option E)" /> 1.31ct Round Sapphire Scallop Cut Solitaire in 14K Yellow Gold
loose stones for mermaids 1.27 Pear Gombe Sapphire, Deep Ocean Blue 3.48 African Round Sapphire, Teal, Blue, Green 4.25ct Elongated Cushion Montana Sapphire, Medium Teal Blue

Pick Number Three: Spring Bloom Jewelry

The curious thing about springtime is that while it appears soft and delicate, it is equally strong and enduring. A cherry blossom tree can rain down soft pink petals at the slightest breeze, yet its foundation — its system of roots — anchor it deep into the earth, keeping it steady, strong, and capable of regrowth. In the same fashion, Anueva Jewelry creates dainty bands and solitaire rings featuring soft-colored or bright stones. Like the tree, while seemingly fragile, our jewelry is crafted with 100% post-consumer recycled metals and durable enough to stand the test of time when given the proper love and care it requires. If you’re looking to bloom alongside the flowers this upcoming spring, these fresh and bright pieces will liven up your look! Shop top eco-friendly, spring bloom jewelry picks:

Ready to ship rings for springtime 1.41ct Ruby and 0.25ct Antique old European Cut Diamond Ring in 18K Yellow Gold 1.01ct Pear Sapphire and 0.80c5 Octagon Sapphire in 14K Yellow Gold 1.05ct Geo Pear Sapphire and French Set Diamond Solitaire in 14K White Gold
loose stones for springtime 1.33ct Oval Sapphire, Raspberry Pink and Orange 2.51ct African Radiant Cut Sapphire, Parti Yellow/Orange 1.97ct Roval Sri Lankan Sapphire, Lilac

Pick Number Four: Geometric Jewelry

Nature never ceases to amaze us. A masterpiece in itself, we derive our inspiration from the natural geometric shapes and curves in the mountains, oceans, and horticulture. Unleash your adventurous side and embrace the unique patterns and lines that we find on both the micro and macro levels. Take, for example, the oblong rectangles of a plant’s cell wall, the stacked hexagons of a honeycomb, the fluid curves of the crests and troughs of waves, or the sharp and jagged triangles of a mountain’s peaks. The spring season is a time of rejuvenation and renewal. Our geometric jewelry is an ode to nature for all that she provides. When you wear an abstract geo slice bezel ring or build your own dream ring with the perfect elongated hex stone, you are wearing nature herself. Shop top eco-friendly, geometric jewelry picks:

ready to ship rings inspired by nature 1.05ct Kite Rosecut Diamond and Shield in 14K Rose Gold 1.42 Geo Slice Sapphire Evergreen Bezel Solitaire in 14K Yellow Gold 2.35ct Australian Sapphire and Trapezoid Three-Stone Ring in 14K Yellow and Platinum
loose stones for nature lovers 1.22ct Hexagonal Sapphire, "Opalescent" Blue 0.96ct Elongated Kite-Shaped Diamond, Soft Champagne 4.20ct Geometric Shield, Madagascar Sapphire, Medium Teal, Green

Embrace Spring with Anueva Jewelry

Express your love for the great outdoors with rings as unique as nature herself. All pieces at Anueva Jewelry are made with exceptional craftsmanship, so whatever element of nature you're chasing, you can be sure to find it in our work. This season, brighten up your wardrobe with the top picks for this spring! 

Want to continue exploring? Shop ready-to-ship rings or step into nature's closet and discover a loose stone to create your own ring!