The 12 Best Dog-Friendly Hikes in the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest is a haven for outdoor lovers (those of us with two legs and four!). With dense green forests, stunning mountains, and breathtaking coastal landscapes, these lush lands are what your pup dreams of when their is happily twitching away while snoozing in a sun patch! If you’re anything like us, we pack up our dogs and take them on every adventure possible. Exploring the region's natural wonders is that much more special when you can enjoy it with your best furry friend. 

The PNW has no shortage of trails, but it can sometimes be tricky to know how pet-friendly they are when considering the terrain's difficulty, how safe the surrounding foliage is, or any other number of things. Fear not! We want to help you get outdoors without the stress. In this blog post, we'll share our favorite twelve dog-friendly hikes in the Pacific Northwest. Lace up your hiking boots, leash up your pup, and get ready to take on your next unforgettable adventure in nature's playground.

1. Rattlesnake Ledge Trail, Washington

Rattlesnake Ledge Trail, Washington

Source: Mountains to Sound Greenway

This popular hike is located near North Bend and offers the most rewarding panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and Rattlesnake Lake. The trail is very well maintained, and dogs are welcome to join! Suitable for beginners and beyond, the 4-mile round-trip journey will not disappoint. 

2. Dog Mountain Trail, Washington

Dog Mountain Trail, Washington

Source: Friends of the Columbia Gorge

This trail is on “Dog Mountain,” so of course, your pup is invited! Situated in the Columbia River Gorge, Dog Mountain Trail treats hikers and their four-legged friends to stunning wildflower displays in spring and breathtaking views of the gorge year-round. Be sure to warm up before you head out; the first half mile is a steep climb before you reach a split in the trail. The loop may prove a bit challenging for some, but we promise the views of the Columbia River and surrounding mountain ranges are well worth it! On one of the trails (if you take the east trail leg), there’s even a meadow named “Puppy Dog” Meadow. If that’s not reason enough to tackle this journey, I’m not sure what is!

3. Cape Lookout Trail, Oregon

Cape Lookout Trail, Oregon

Source: Oregon State Parks

Featured in “The Dog Lover's Companion to Oregon” by Val Mallinson, this hike is ideal for you and your buddy. Many people hike this trail during the fall or spring in hopes of spotting migrating gray whales along the shoreline! Whales or not, this beautiful trail starts westward and takes you through some majestic old-growth forests. After a half mile or so, you’ll be rewarded with beach views. This 4.8-mile out-and-back trail is relatively flat, making it accessible for hikers of all skill levels and your canine companion.

4. Dog Mountain Trail, Oregon

Dog Mountain Trail, Oregon

Source: Hike Oregon

Located in the Mount Hood National Forest, this trail shares its name with the Washington hike but offers a different experience. The 6.9-mile loop trail showcases beautiful wildflowers and offers stunning views of Mount Hood. Keep your pup leashed and enjoy the diverse flora and fauna along the way.

5. Franklin Falls Trail, Washington

Franklin Falls Trail, Washington

Source: Washington is for Adventure

Save this one for next summer! The trailhead is currently closed for the summer of 2023 for construction, but it’ll open back up, and when it does, you should be the first one there! Located near Snoqualmie Pass, Franklin Falls Trail is a family-friendly hike that is also perfect for dogs. The 2-mile round trip leads to a picturesque waterfall surrounded by lush greenery. Let your furry friend cool off in the creek while you take in the beauty of the cascading water. The rewards are truly incredible for the little effort this requires! 

6. Tom, Dick, and Harry Mountain Trail, Oregon

6. Tom, Dick, and Harry Mountain Trail, Oregon

Source: Daily Hive

For a moderate yet rewarding hike, head to Mirror Lake Trailhead and begin your trek toward Tom, Dick, and Harry Mountain. This 7.7-mile loop takes you through old-growth forests, alpine meadows and offers stunning views of Mirror Lake and Mount Hood. Dogs must remain on their leash, but they will enjoy the hike just as much as you! This is a very popular trail as its location is easily accessible off Highway 26, so be prepared to answer the question, “Can I pet your dog?” many times over!

7. Snow Lake Trail, Washington

Snow Lake Trail, Washington

Source: Washington Trails Association

Nestled in the Snoqualmie Pass area, Snow Lake Trail is a dog-friendly hike that takes you to a stunning alpine lake surrounded by towering peaks. This 6.4-mile round trip offers breathtaking scenery throughout the journey, making it a favorite among hikers and furry companions.

8. Silver Falls State Park Trail of Ten Falls, Oregon

Silver Falls State Park Trail of Ten Falls, Oregon

Source: Oregon Tails


Explore the jaw-dropping beauty of Silver Falls State Park, where you and your pup can enjoy the Trail of Ten Falls. This moderately difficult 7.8-mile loop takes you past ten magnificent waterfalls, including the iconic South Falls. Dogs are welcome on the trail but must remain on a leash.

9. Mount Si Trail, Washington

9. Mount Si Trail, Washington


The 8-mile round-trip trail of Mount Si is one of the most popular in the area. If you and your buddy are up for a bit of a challenge, you can join the 100,000 people who venture here each year. Located in the North Bend region, hikers are greeted with panoramic views of the Snoqualmie Valley, the Cascade Mountains, Seattle, and the Olympics. Remember to keep your pup on a leash and pack plenty of water for both of you.

10. Wahclella Falls Trail, Oregon

10. Wahclella Falls Trail, Oregon


Located in the Columbia River Gorge, Wahclella Falls Trail is a moderate 2.4-mile out-and-back hike that leads to the spectacular Wahclella Falls. The trail meanders through lush forests and along the glistening Tanner Creek, offering a refreshing and picturesque experience for both you and your dog. At the end of the trail, you’ll discover the 350-foot falls! This view alone is enough to encourage any outdoor enthusiast to add this hike to your list.

11. Mount Teneriffe Trail, Washington

Mount Teneriffe Trail, Washington

Source: Washington Trails Association

For a more challenging adventure, tackle the Mount Teneriffe Trail near North Bend. This 13-mile round trip takes you to the summit of Mount Teneriffe, where you'll be rewarded with breathtaking views of the surrounding peaks. While it's a strenuous hike, it's also a memorable experience to share with your best friend.

12. Cape Disappointment State Park, Washington

Cape Disappointment State Park, Washington

Source: Smile 4 Travel

Don’t let the name of this one throw you off! Cape Disappointment is anything but a disappointment. Located on the southwestern tip of Washington, Cape Disappointment State Park offers a variety of dog-friendly trails along its rugged coastline. Explore the North Head Trail or the Cape Disappointment Trail, and let your pup revel in the sights and sounds of the crashing waves and stunning vistas.

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It’s no doubt that the Pacific Northwest is a paradise for both hiking humans and daring dogs alike. Our team here at Anueva is always eager to discover new adventures and we hope you'll join us outdoors! As always, remember to respect the rules and regulations of each trail, keep your dog leashed when required, and always pack essentials such as water, food, and waste bags. Ready to hit the trails of the PNW?! Load up that car, pack your water bottles and water bowls, and go explore! Happy hiking!