Sapphire Color Guide

At Anueva, one of our most popular options is our “Build Your Own” ring feature! This simple process allows you to build a semi-custom ring by selecting your dream stone and ring setting. The first step — choosing your gemstone — is often the most fun (but can also be the most difficult). When it comes to stone colors, the terms can be elusive to some! We absolutely love helping customers find their perfect color match. Whether you’re in search of a stone that matches your partner’s olive eyes, or perhaps the ocean blue waters of your engagement spot, we’re here to help you find the absolute perfect stone! 

In the world of gemstone colors, “blue” is not simply blue, but a luscious range of all hues of blue! And, of course, this goes for all colors. The most popular colored gemstones used for engagement rings are sapphires. These juicy gemstones are available in a rainbow of colors. As you embark on your journey to find the perfect color, use our Sapphire Color Guide to help guide you!


Our nature-loving hearts go weak for teal. To us, this color represents our dual personalities: blue for our inner mermaid and green for our adventurous mountaineer side. Teal sapphires can range from light blue-green to deep green-blue and can even have hints of grey or yellow.

Teal sapphire color range

2. Blue Sapphires

Blue sapphires are often considered the most popular color of sapphires, but we love them all! In a wide range from deep royal blue to bright sky blue, here are some examples of blue sapphires: blue sapphire color range

3. Green Sapphires

Green sapphires remind us of mother nature! These earthy-colored stones come in a variety of shades, from deep forest green to fresh spring green. Below are some popular shades of green sapphires: green sapphire color range

4. Color-shifting sapphires

These magical beauties have the unique ability to change color in natural or artificial light. Color-shifting sapphires, also known as color-changing sapphires, exhibit different colors depending on the lighting and angle of viewing. These sapphires can shift from teal to purple or green to champagne, making them a fascinating and unique gemstone. Below are some common color changes: color-shifting sapphire color range

5. Purple Sapphires

Lush, purple sapphires span a large range of color variations! From light lavender to deep merlot, each one is captivating in its own way.  

purple sapphire color range

Build Your Own Ring with Anueva 

Now that you are fluent in stone color ranges, it's time to build your very own dream ring! With Anueva Jewelry's "Build Your Own" process, you can forever store your favorite memories in a thoughtfully crafted, one-of-a-kind ring. Follow our simple three-step process and easily create a semi-custom ring featuring your favorite colored gemstone.