Recycled Diamonds: What Are They?

recycled diamonds


Recycled diamonds are reclaimed diamonds. They are whole vintage diamonds or antique diamonds removed from scrap pieces of jewelry when someone exchanges their jewelry with a jeweler for a refining credit. The gold from their old piece is sent to the gold refinery and their diamonds are safely removed to be polished, sometimes recut, and sold again on the diamond marketplace.

Recycled diamond earrings from Anueva Jewelry

Sustainable Diamond Earrings Anueva Jewelry

The diamonds I use in my pieces are often recycled, or reclaimed this way. I purchase reclaimed diamonds from a supplier that specializes specifically in the manufacturing and trade of eco-friendly diamonds and recycled gold. 

Anueva Jewelry diamond earrings

Sometimes customers also send old pieces of jewelry to me because they want me to reset the stones from those pieces into a new setting. The gold from their old piece is sent to my refinery for a gold credit that can be applied toward their new piece. 

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