Jennifer Guest Appears on Already Friends

On April 17th, 2023, Jennifer Vinje, the founder and owner of Anueva Jewelry joined Co-Hosts, Allison Wetig and Ceara Kirkpatrick on their podcast, Already Friends.

About the Episode

Jennifer, Allison and Ceara have a friendly, candid and open discussion about scaling a business, when and how to pivot your career, building a foolproof team of talented women, and the importance of boundaries (in work and life!). Listen to the entire podcast episode on Apple Podcast or Spotify. Short on time? Jump to some interesting conversation topics, time-stamped below: 

  • Jennifer's day-to-day and homelife: 10:45
  • Intellectual wellness and fostering a safe space for creatives to thrive: 15:51
  • Jennifer's trajectory post graduation: 17:44
  • The "grassroots beginning" and getting exposure on Etsy: 19:36
  • Advice to other small business entrepreneur's who are afraid to take the next step: 29:29
  • Business values & how to make your business work for your life (and not the other way around): 22:20
  • Setting boundaries and advice for those who overcommit: 27:01
  • Considering staffing needs and schedules: 29:04
  • How Jennifer grew her business online: 29:59
  • What Jennifer finds challenging in business: 32:26
  • Obtaining inventory and what sets Anueva apart: 33:35
  • Filling the market hole; creating eco-conscious jewelry for everyone: 38:53
  • The balance between maintaining values and living your dream: 43:24
  • Jennifer's closing thoughts and finding peace with outsourcing: 45:25

About Allison and Ceara:

Allison Wetig and Ceara Kirkpatrick co-host "a podcast for friends, by friends." These two best friends sit down with relatable guests and open the conversation up to anything and everything. They chat as friends do and aim to build a global online community. In each episode, they share a "Peak of the Week" where they highlight a recent event in their lives to better connect with their listeners. This authentic, happy podcast is a great listen for anyone who needs a little pick-me-up! Learn more about their podcast on their online website.

Quote from Allison and Ceara of Already Friends Podcast

About Jennifer Vinje

Jennifer created Anueva Jewelry in 2014 with the idea of making the old — new. She uses recycled gold, platinum, and repurposed antique diamonds to create new designs inspired by nature and antique trends. She aims to share her passion for creating hand-carved pieces with nature-loving, environmentally-friendly consumers.

Being a female small business owner is rewarding, but it is not without its challenges. Jennifer envisioned the life she wanted for herself, and with some grit, determination, and grace, she set out to achieve it. Tune in to Allison and Ceara's podcast, "Already Friends" to hear Jennifer's full story. Together, they tackle how Jennifer got her start, how she scaled her business, and how to set boundaries to support a life you love.


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    We hope listening to the podcast helps to remind you that jewelry is for everyone, regardless of your style or preferences! Browse our collection of one-of-a-kind pieces and find something that is uniquely you. You deserve to feel your best and we hope wearing our creations will inspire you to take on your next life adventure!