Natural Wonders - Sapphire & Diamond Custom Rings by Anueva Jewelry

Custom and Semi-Custom Rings by Anueva Jewelry

Ring Design Ideas for Build Your Own Ring

1. Sapphire Six Prong Lotus Setting Solitaire Ring. Setting here

sapphire lotus prong ring sapphire lotus prong ring sapphire lotus prong ring


2. Sapphire Vintage Cathedral Ring. Setting here.

 sapphire vintage cathedral ring sapphire vintage cathedral ring


3. Sapphire 4-Prong Solitaire with French Set Diamonds. Setting here.

sapphire solitaire with french set diamond ring sapphire solitaire 4-prong french set diamond ring 


4. Salt & Pepper Diamond 4-Prong Evergreen Solitaire Ring. Setting here.

 salt and pepper diamond evergreen solitaire ring in yellow gold


5. Sapphire Lotus Prong Solitaire Ring. Setting here.

 sapphire lotus prong solitaire ring 


6. Sapphire Diamond Halo Split Shank Ring. Setting here

sapphire diamond halo split shank solitaire ring in yellow gold sapphire diamond halo split shank halo solitaire ring


7. Sapphire Six Prong Lotus Solitaire Ring. Setting here.

sapphire solitaire ring vibrant teal