Jennifer Vinje of Anueva Jewelry Talks Motherhood and Entrepreneurship on The Creative Mom Collective

I am so grateful to the amazing Nicole Phillips for featuring me and Anueva Jewelry on her blog, The Creative Mom Collective. She is packing this site with resources for moms (sorry dads, this one is for us) who have a heart and passion for creative endeavors. Check it out and start following! I can't wait to see who else she features.

Here's an excerpt from the interview: 

"There is nothing that is *not* challenging about being a mom and pursuing your own dreams. As a parent, you are met with a daily struggle to squeeze in your own needs as you are also trying to foster the growth of your family.
I often side with the anti-feminist feminists who believe that feminism doesn’t mean a woman should 'do it all.' Often women take on the responsibilities of child rearing, housekeeping, cooking while also working full-time. I did that for a couple years and nearly lost my mind.

For me, I feel like 'having it all' is having a break from it all to do one thing at a time. It was my goal for 2017 to be able to afford good childcare for my babies during the day so I could work without distractions while they are cared for in a nurturing, kid-friendly and educational environment. I feel no guilt or shame in having them in daycare! Tomorrow I take my son to his first day at Toddler School and I know that compartmentalizing my time working and my time with my kids will be so much healthier for me and for them. I can pick them up at school around 3:30 with a couple hours to play before dinner and they’ll get a happier, less distracted and clear-headed mama (I’m hoping). One who can put down her phone for a bit and roll around in the grass.
It took some hustling to get my business to the point of being able to afford childcare for two, but the risk will be worth the reward, as I’ll be able to grow my business more."

Read the entire blog post here.


Jennifer Vinje on The Creative Mom Collective