Jennifer Guest Appears on Beautiful Second Act Podcast

On March 28, 2023, Jennifer Vinje, the founder and owner of Anueva Jewelry joined Patti Diener on her podcast, Beautiful Second Act.

About the Episode

Jennifer and Patti have a heartfelt discussion about the creation of Anueva Jewelry, the challenges of being in a male-dominated industry, finding the courage to build a life you love, and more. Listen to the entire podcast episode here. Short on time? Jump to some interesting conversation topics, time-stamped below: 

  • The story of the Anueva Jewelry: 6:07
  • How Jennifer thought to create an eco-friendly jewelry company: 10:01
  • The stones Jennifer likes to use: 11:34
  • Anueva’s custom jewelry process: 13:42
  • Jennifer’s favorite piece of jewelry to wear and her relationship with jewelry: 18:48
  • Why women should feel worthy to wear jewelry: 21:02
  • Rough-cut stones vs. traditionally-cut stones: 25:38
  • Types of jewelry Anueva creates 30:57
  • About the women at Anueva Jewelry 35:35
  • Where to find Anueva Jewelry: 38:12
  • How Jennifer dared to find a job that was more in alignment with her personal dreams after having children: 39:53
  • Making decisions based on love or fear and manifesting your dreams: 42:16

About Patti Diener:

Patti is an author, entrepreneur, blogger, and podcast host. She writes captivating romance novels, the first of which debuted in 2015. “After the Fire is set in her hometown of Lake County, California, and follows the lives of two grieving individuals who pick up the pieces of their community and their lives after a tragic fire sweeps through their town. If you love a good romance, be sure to order a copy of her book here.

Most recently, Patti has started a podcast called, “Beautiful Second Act.” With over 120 episodes, she invites guests to share stories that encourage everyone to live a life of passion and purpose. She believes that creating your dream life can begin at any age, and we couldn’t agree more, which is why we were ecstatic when Patti invited us to join her for an interview!

Patti Diener

About Jennifer Vinje

Jennifer created Anueva Jewelry in 2014 with the idea of making the old — new. She uses recycled gold, platinum, and repurposed antique diamonds to create new designs inspired by nature and antique trends. She aims to share her passion for creating hand-carved pieces with nature-loving, environmentally-friendly consumers.

Beyond the successful business that Jennifer has created, she is a gracious, supportive, and strong leader. Being a female small business owner is not without its challenges and Jennifer manages it with grace. After a series of successful careers, she has managed to truly live out her dream and encourage others—especially women—to do the same. This is a topic that Jennifer and Patti explore in the podcast episode titled, “Encouraging Women to Adorn Themselves.”

Jennifer Vinje

    We hope listening to the podcast will help your appreciate your worth and encourage you to follow your dreams. We firmly believe jewelry is for everyone. Browse our collection of one-of-a-kind pieces and find something that is uniquely you. You deserve to feel your best and we hope wearing our creations will inspire you to take on your next life adventure!