Crafting Timeless Beauty: A Guide to Building Your Own Halo Ring

In the world of fine jewelry, the halo ring stands as an iconic symbol of elegance and romance. With its timeless design and captivating sparkle, a halo ring can elevate any precious gemstone into a work of art. If you're captivated by the allure of halo rings and have a penchant for earth-inspired aesthetics, you're in for a treat! In this guide, we'll take you through the steps of creating your own exquisite halo ring with us!

Step 1: Choose Your Center Stone

The journey to creating a halo ring begins with selecting the perfect center stone. Here at Anueva Jewelry, we take great care in sourcing our gemstones and have an ever-growing collection! Take your pick between unique and rare options like Montana sapphires, salt and pepper diamonds, or other nature-grown gemstones. Before you get started, you’ll want to consider your preferences, style, and the message you want your ring to convey. Whether you opt for a vibrant gem or a subtle, understated stone, we love crafting rings that represent you! 

Step 2: Select Your Halo Setting

Our sparkling white diamonds are the perfect way to frame your center stone while adding an extra air of elegance and brilliance to your ring. Generally speaking, the halo itself is a ring of smaller stones (usually diamonds) that encircle the center gem, enhancing its brilliance and beauty. While most people typically think of a singular white diamond ring that encases your center stone as a halo setting, we offer a few variations on this traditional style to truly make it yours! Let’s take a look at the different halo options we offer:

Classic Prong-Set Halos


Anueva Jewelry | LEFT: Low Profile, Prong Set Halo; RIGHT: Stackable, Prong Set Halo

  • Low Profile, Prong Set Halo: On the left, our low profile halo setting features a smooth walled cup that sits low to the finger and houses the sapphire in one piece.
  • Stackable, Prong Set Halo: On the right, our stackable halo setting looks similar to the low profile halo, but its classic, stackable profile allows it to be stacked flush with straight bands.


BEZEL-halo-settingsAnueva Jewelry | LEFT: Scalloped, Bezel Set Halo; RIGHT: Stackable, Bezel Set Halo

  • Scalloped, Bezel Set Halo: For a gorgeous antique twist on the classic halo, try adding this stunning scalloped halo with a bezel set stone. Please note this setting style is available for fully custom ring orders only. (Alternatively, keep an eye on our ready-to-ship collection; we often make rings in this design!)
  • Stackable, Bezel Set Halo: Available in our settings shop, choose to add this weighty, luxurious bezel set halo to your ring. In comparison to our four prong carved solitaire setting which lets the center stone do all the talking, this setting is a work of art all on her own! Set just high enough to allow wedding bands to stack, this style of ring is comfortable and fuss-free, as the center stone is protected by a frame of solid precious metal. 



Anueva Jewelry | LEFT: Stackable, Four Prong Hidden Halo; RIGHT: Scallop Cup Hidden Halo

  • Stackable, Four Prong Hidden Halo: If you love the concept of a halo, but would still like to keep the focus on your center stone, then perhaps a hidden halo is right for you! Our stackable hidden halo setting is the perfect way to elevate your classic four prong solitaire ring by adding a subtle hint of sparkle on the side. This setting is also available with double prongs!
  • Scallop Cup Hidden Halo: Our scallop cup solitaire is a combination of antique and ocean-themed design aspects. It's a beautiful, unique and weighty piece, and is a great alternative to the scalloped bezel set halo if you'd like to craft a ring using our "Build Your Own" feature.



Anueva Jewelry | LEFT: Split Shank, Low Profile French Set Halo; RIGHT: French Set Band and Halo

  • Split Shank, Low Profile French Set Halo: Featured on the left is our beautiful split shank low profile halo with French set diamonds. This ring sits low to the hand and will need a custom wedding band made to "stack" with it if you would like a wedding band to stack flush.
  • French Set Band and Halo: On the right is our sparkle extraordinaire — our French set halo and French set band. Sparkling white diamonds frame your center stone beautifully making this a perfect pick for those looking to dial up the sparkle factor.


Finally, to end our halo tour, let's take a look at some fully custom options. These halo settings are not available in our "Build Your Own" settings collection, but we're always ecstatic to help you design a fully custom ring! For some unique halo ring design inspiration, here are some halo rings we've pulled from the vault and our ready-to-ship section to inspire your next ring design: 

Black Rhodium Halo



For a moody, edgy look, try a blackened halo! The black rhodium added to the halo creates a beautiful antique, patina look.

Double Diamond Halo

Double Diamond Halo

For diamond everything, just look at the opulence of the masterpiece that is this double diamond halo (with a French set diamond band for good measure sparkle).

Diamond Alternative Halos


Get creative with your halos! You can create a halo ring with gemstones other than diamonds! The top left ring boasts a black onyx halo while the top right features white onyx. On the bottom left, this remarkable kite diamond is secured by blue agate gemstone halo, and finally, the bottom right ring showcases a gorgeous, earthy Chrysocolla green gemstone halo.

Your Halo Awaits

One of our defining features at Anueva Jewelry is our commitment to artisanal craftsmanship. Each halo ring is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans who pour their passion into every detail. From setting the stones to crafting intricate details, every step is carried out with precision and care. The result is a ring that not only reflects the beauty of nature but also carries the spirit of the artists who brought it to life (and that includes you!). 

Finding your dream halo ring with Anueva is simpler than ever with our ample collection of available ready-to-ship rings. Conversely, choose one of our eight different halo setting options when using our "Build Your Own" ring feature. If you're inspired to create something else all together, or would love a halo setting that's not currently available, we'd absolutely love to invite you to with work our Ring Design Concierge Team to help fulfill your vision. It would be our honor to guide you in crafting a halo ring that tells a story as unique as the natural world herself.