July 17, 2017

I am so excited to start using Crown Jubilee® cut diamonds in my eco-friendly engagement ring designs. 

Anueva Jewelry Turquoise and Diamond Crown Jubilee ring

These are THE brightest diamonds I've ever seen. For my customers that have been trying to decide between an old European cut or old mine cut diamond and a rose cut, I show them this. The Crown Jubilee® is actually a combination of both, if you will. Actual old euros or old miners are recut with an added "Crown" on the table. Old diamonds are already so bright due to their wider facets and open culets, and adding the crowned faceted table to the top of them displays a light show like no other.

Anueva Jewelry Turquoise and Diamond Crown Jubilee ring

These stones are only cut by one diamond cutter, and it is the only branded eco-friendly diamond cut recognized by the GIA. Email me if you would like to set up a consultation to learn more about them and about custom jewelry using second-market diamonds and gemstones. 

Anueva Jewelry Turquoise and Diamond Crown Jubilee ring

For my first ring using one of these diamonds, a single piece of custom-cut turquoise surrounds a blazingly bright antique Old European Cut diamond that has been refashioned to add a crown of beautiful rosecut-type facets to the table. As if old cuts weren't already bright, things just got brighter. If you want a crazy-unique engagement ring, this may be it.  It is accompanied by a GIA certificate and is listed in my Etsy shop, here.

Message me for custom inquiries regarding either this style of setting or these diamonds in other sizes