25 Journal Prompts for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Nature is our safe place; whenever we feel overwhelmed by life or just crave some time to disconnect and recharge, we head outdoors. Our studio is based in Seattle, and we are positively spoiled with the natural beauty that surrounds us! This year, one of our fellow co-workers has been taking her journal with her everywhere she goes — especially outside. She swears by the benefits of journaling while hiking or just adventuring outdoors. We’ve asked her to share some of her favorite journal prompts and are excited to pass them on them with you! 

Getting Started

If you’re new to journaling, remember you’re not in school anymore (or maybe you are, but this is not an assignment!). There is no judgment, and your journal can remain private, so just relax and try to let your thoughts flow openly. Just as soaking up sunshine and fresh air can instantly boost your mood, journaling offers many of the same benefits. Your mind and body will thank you for this practice!

Where to Journal

If you’re planning a mammoth hike, don’t forget to pack your journal! And, even if you’re not, you may find that simply moving your daily journal practice outside to your front porch may improve your experience. Epic travelers and backyard dwellers may benefit equally from collecting your thoughts in the fresh air! This may be easier said than done, but don’t think too much about the “perfect spot.” As long as you’re comfortable and relaxed, pull out your journal and start to reflect.

Here are 25 nature-focused journal prompts to get you started:

Woman Journaling in Nature

Pre-Adventure Journal Prompts 

  1. How did you feel this morning when you woke up?
  2. What would you like to gain from today’s adventure/time outside?
  3. Is there anything currently making you feel anxious or unsettled? 
  4. How would you describe your current mood?
  5. How does your physical body feel?

Mid-Adventure Journal Prompts

  1. What sounds, scents, and sights are around you?
  2. Has your mood changed since beginning your adventure?
  3. How does being in nature make you feel?
  4. Reflect on the wildlife and plant life you encounter. What can you learn from the natural world around you?
  5. Write about the weather and how it influences your experience. Does it add to the beauty of the hike or present challenges?
  6. Share your thoughts on the trail itself — its difficulty, uniqueness, or any surprises along the way.
  7. Reflect on the physical challenges of the hike and how they parallel challenges in life.
  8. Describe any encounters with other hikers or adventurers you come across during your journey.
  9. Write about your favorite spot on the trail and why it holds significance for you.
  10. Consider the impact of technology on your outdoor experience. How does it affect your connection with nature?

Post-Adventure Journal Prompts

  1. What was the most memorable moment of your time outdoors? Reflect on the highlight of your journey and why it left such an impression on you.
  2. How did your adventure challenge you physically and mentally? 
  3. What did you learn about yourself? Consider any new discoveries or self-realizations that emerged during your time in nature.
  4. Describe the emotions you experienced throughout the hike. Explore the range of feelings you felt, from excitement and joy to fatigue and determination.
  5. Did you notice any changes in your mindset or perspective? Write about any shifts in your thinking that occurred along the trail.
  6. What aspects of nature inspired you the most?
  7. How did being in nature impact your overall well-being? Reflect on how the hike influenced your mood, stress levels, and overall sense of contentment.
  8. Were there any unexpected moments or surprises? Write about any serendipitous occurrences that added to the adventure.
  9. How did you feel at the end of your adventure? 
  10. What lessons can you carry forward from this time outdoors into your daily life?

Happy Journaling!

Journaling in nature is a powerful tool, and we hope you'll be inspired to start your own outdoor writing practice. Now that you have a collection of journal prompts, it's probably about time to plan your next great adventure!