Paraiba Teal Garnets


We are proud to introduce our already-popular paraiba teal garnets! These garnets are grown in a lab from real garnet scraps- making use of the garnet scraps from polishing that would have gone to waste. Through a proprietary process, the lab has figured out how to get a vibrant teal color typically only found in expensive paraiba tourmaline.

Prices start at $160 and will be additional based on size in your selections below. The total price of your stone will be displayed in your cart. Select your shape first, then size in the dropdown menu.

These stones are ordered by millimeter size, not by carat weight. To find the best size for your hand, you can play with a metric ruler to gauge how large or small the stone of your choice will be by holding it over your hand.

The clarity is great and they are durable for everyday wear, about 8-8.5 on the hardness scale.

Select your stone and then select your setting. Add both to cart and we'll begin creating your piece after purchase! *Please note, some of these sizes are made-to-order and may take an additional 2-3 weeks to reach us in our studio from the lab*


Make Your Selections Below


Rings will ship in an Anueva Jewelry ring box, with the exception of plain metal bands which will ship in a ring pouch. The package will be insured and require signature confirmation. Please be sure to use an address that will have someone available to sign during mail delivery times. If providing a business address, please include the business name.

International buyers, please message me for shipping rates prior to purchasing.


If you would like to have the ring appraised, there is a $150 appraisal fee that you can add to cart here. We will take the ring downtown to be appraised by a third party GIA gemologist appraiser and provide details for your insurance purposes.

Help fight climate change with this purchase! Trees are like the lungs of the planet...our "natural air purifiers." They breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. Additionally, they provide habitat for birds and other wildlife and play a vital role in our natural water cycle. Forests help regulate the water in the air through a process called transpiration. They absorb thousands of gallons of water into their roots. Excess water is then released through the leaves back into the air. For every purchase made, I donate one planted tree through Plant-It 2020. Small changes by individuals can make a difference in the fight against climate change. 

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