Build Your Own Spinel Ring

Spinel is a gemstone that at one time was famous for being mistaken for ruby or sapphire. These days spinel gets the respect it deserves - it is recognized for its excellent hardness , brilliance, and the fact that unlike most ruby and sapphire gemstones, spinel is never heated or treated in any way.

Due to its very good dispersion, spinel gemstones can possess vivid fire. The intensity of spinel color is in part due to the fact that spinel is one of the few singly refractive gemstones, the others include garnet and diamond. Our spinels are untreated and natural earth-mined gems.

We haven't listed all of our in-stock spinel yet, but you can view our available stones on our spinel YouTube Playlist Here.

Settings start at $600 for the simplest prong settings in 14k gold. You will see the price increase as you select more elaborate settings. First select your setting, then stone. You will then select your gold option and ring size before adding to cart. Spinels often look different in varied lighting, darker in low light situations and can also shift color naturally. 

Should you wish to see a video of your favorite stone, contact us with the spinel description so we can email you videos!