Build Your Own Antique or Vintage Diamond Ring

These stones are guaranteed by our suppliers to be post-consumer recycled. The age of each stone varies, but Old European Cut and Old Mine Cut stones are antique and the more modern cuts are vintage or newer. Crown Jubilee® diamonds are antique stones that have been fashioned with extra facets for an ultimate sparkle experience. You can learn more about Crown Jubilee® diamonds here.

When you build a ring through this listing, you are building a ring with an eco-friendly center stone and eco-friendly post-consumer recycled precious metals. 

Settings start at $600 for the simplest prong settings in 14k gold. You will see the price increase as you select more elaborate settings. First select your setting, then stone. You will then select your gold option and ring size before adding to cart. 

Videos of these stones will be made available on our YouTube playlist here. Should you need more photos and videos, or want to customize a setting further, please feel free to email us!