Anueva "Promise Card" - Gift Certificate for Custom Jewelry by Anueva

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This is not quite a gift card, it's a "promise card," making it known to the recipient that they will be involved in their own custom piece from Anueva. Use it for a custom engagement ring, birthdays, Mother's Day, Christmas, Hanukkah, you name it! 

Purchase this listing to receive a tangible card in the mail that you can gift to your loved one. The card does not list the total amount of the piece, it is simply a gesture to let the recipient know that you would like to design a piece for them through Anueva. The budget can be open or it can remain confidential with us. We will be communicating by email and through our Custom Designs page. 


The Front Reads:

Create your very own custom piece of earth-friendly fine jewelry from Anueva Jewelry. Redeem at

The Back Reads:

You were gifted this coupon because someone wants you to experience the process of custom jewelry! When you’re ready to begin, contact us using our “Custom Designs” page to schedule your consultation. We’ll ask about your favorite gemstones, gemstone shapes, setting styles and more. Decisions, decisions... let’s get started!