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This loose stone is available for a custom ring by Anueva Jewelry. Select your stone first and then select a setting. Add both to your cart and we'll create your ring!

3.00CT HEART MONTANA SAPPHIRE, MEDIUM TEAL GREEN, 9.7X9.5MM This sapphire was mined in Montana, USA and is a rare large size for the crystals found in that region. It is cut into a heart shape with a great spread on the hand/shallower stone that is more wide than it is deep. There's a little windowing in the middle of the stone due to it's depth. This sapphire does have some visible cloud inclusions and less sparkle than some of the other sapphires we have available but it's not opaque! Still has sparkle and life. It's a great piece for someone looking for this desirable teal green, large size and Montana origin! It would work great in a low profile setting.


About Heat Treatments: Some colored gemstones are routinely heated for color and clarity improvement. This is a permanent treatment and typically only involves heat and not chemicals. The treatment mimics what the earth does naturally to gemstones as they reach the surface. If the stone says "Unheated," it is not treated in any way.


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If you would like to have the ring appraised, there is a $150 appraisal fee that you can add to cart here. We will take the ring downtown to be appraised by a third party GIA gemologist appraiser and provide details for your insurance purposes.