1.20ct Pear Shaped Diamond and Pink Spinel Three Stone Ring in Recycled Platinum

Alternative and Enchanting Three Stone Ring

We like to do things a little differently around here, and this time we've added a colorful twist on a traditional three-stone-ring with rare pink spinels as the side stones. Spinel are one of the longest-used gemstones in jewelry, but are not easily found in pink and red hues. (Fun fact: The 352.5 carat "Timur Ruby,"which was believed to be the largest ruby until 1851, is actually a spinel. It is named after the Turko-Mongol ruler, Timur and is now part of the Crown Jewels of England.)

The spinels are ethically sourced, wonderfully matched and expertly cut. They're secured with the center diamond in a traditional style three-stone setting with a plain band. The stones are set in baskets and the setting is elevated above the hand to allow for better stacking with straight and curved wedding bands.

See a video of this ring here:

And another video here.

Diamond Details:

The pink spinels are bright and beautiful, but the centerpiece of this ring is the 1.20ct natural diamond. The supplier estimated the diamond at a D (very white) color and I3 clarity. It does not have obvious black carbon inclusions like other salt and pepper diamonds when viewed with the naked eye. It is sparkling, mostly clear and appears a bright light silvery color with its inclusions. Not opaque, not rustic, not a speckled salt and pepper stone- we would call this one a "bluff stone," it appears to be a higher quality diamond than it grades on paper.

The band is just a little under 2mm in width and is half rounded for comfort. This ring is currently a size 6 and is resizable for a small fee. Please note, this item is non-refundable after it has been resized. Please allow 1-2 weeks for resizing.

CUSTOMIZATIONS: Want this ring with a different stone or different gold color? Message me to customize your own version of this ring in any stone shape, diamond, gemstone or moissanite, in all gold colors and platinum.

Please include an address at checkout where someone will be available to sign for the package via FedEx or UPS Express. If being sent to a business location, please provide the business name. International buyers are liable for paying customs/taxes/duties.

Making a Difference:

Help fight climate change with this purchase! Trees are like the lungs of the planet...our "natural air purifiers." They breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. Additionally, they provide habitat for birds and other wildlife and play a vital role in our natural water cycle. Forests help regulate the water in the air through a process called transpiration. They absorb thousands of gallons of water into their roots. Excess water is then released through the leaves back into the air. For every purchase made, I donate one planted tree through Plant-It 2020. Small changes by individuals can make a difference in the fight against climate change. You will be reminded of your efforts each time you look down at your beautiful ring.